James Allester

“From the moment I joined Blakes as a summer student I was immersed in the culture of the firm. I was given both challenging and meaningful work in my first week, and this trend continued throughout my summer. The wealth of knowledge and resources at Blakes made my work more efficient and more valuable to our clients. The opportunity to work on various files in a wide range of practice areas enhanced my summer experience and prepared me for my articles. The team focus at the firm both locally and across our offices worldwide enabled me to do the best work possible. The mentorship I received from Blakes lawyers this summer has been invaluable, and I look forward to returning next year to article.”

James Allester, 2018 Summer Student, 2019/2020 Articling Student, Current Associate

Michelle Perini

"The talented lawyers at Blakes are as brilliant as they are diverse, and are always willing to provide exemplary mentorship to foster development amongst their future colleagues. From the first day of my summer, I was given extensive opportunities to take on meaningful work, and have been deeply involved in files, all while receiving patience and support from some of Canada’s most respected lawyers. I have attended a multitude of luncheons, panels, and business development events, have been entrusted to interact directly with clients, and have participated in countless meetings with partners and associates. However, what truly makes Blakes stand out to me is the collaborative atmosphere within the firm and endless engagement opportunities that ensure students are seamlessly integrated into the tight-knit community that Blakes fosters."

Michelle Perini, 2018 Summer Student, 2019/2020 Articling Student, Current Associate

Theo Milosevic

From day one I could tell that I was entering a very supportive and inclusive environment amongst the other students, fostered by Blakes’ extremely welcoming lawyers. This overwhelmingly positive social dynamic, coupled with the opportunity to contribute meaningfully on a number of important and interesting projects, made for an ideal summer experience.

Theo Milosevic, 2017 Summer Student

Shahrouz Hafez

Blakes’ summer program strikes the perfect balance between a truly supportive atmosphere and a culture of excellence. As a summer student, I was able to work on substantive legal matters, learnt from some of the industry’s best minds, and received invaluable mentorship from members of the firm who were truly invested in my success.

Shahrouz Hafez, 2017 Summer Student

Jen Crawford

Blakes provides each student with richly substantive work, genuine mentorship, and engaging social events.  From attending court appearances and mediation hearings, to making meaningful contributions to interesting files, the summer program has afforded me countless opportunities to foster a strong foundational skill set.

Jen Crawford, 2017 Summer Student

Gabrielle Wright

I cannot speak highly enough about how welcoming and inclusive I found the firm’s atmosphere to be. It was evident that Blakes’ open-door policy and tradition of mentorship is deeply entrenched within the firm’s culture, as every lawyer I encountered was willing to invest time into helping me succeed.

Gabrielle Wright, 2017 Summer Student

Charlotte Knutson

As students at Blakes, we are given interesting and meaningful responsibilities that allow us to develop our legal skillset while contributing to the firm. With caring and considerate mentors and a student program that focuses on fostering personal and professional growth, I truly feel that I have gotten the most out of this summer.

Charlotte Knutson, 2017 Summer Student

Tony Magre

"During my summer at Blakes, I had the opportunity to do meaningful work alongside leaders in the legal community in a collegial and dynamic environment. Though many of the files were large and complex, I was set up for success: instructions and expectations were clear, and the lawyers and the staff were readily available to provide guidance. The lawyers took the time to walk me through files and ensure that I understood the greater context and how things fit together. My summer articles cemented my decision to practise law. I am confident that I have chosen the right path and am excited to return to Blakes as an articling student. "

Tony Magre, 2016 Summer Student, 2017/2018 Articled Student, Current Associate

Cam Love

"From the very beginning I was made to feel welcome by everyone at Blakes. I was given the opportunity to work with tremendous lawyers on a wide variety of projects in many different practice areas. My mentor was always available to chat about absolutely anything. The most rewarding part of the summer was being brought on at the very beginning of a large corporate transaction, which gave me a chance to work on the due diligence research, the document drafting, and the physical closing with our clients. I received helpful instruction throughout from the lawyers involved, and I felt like I was able to make a meaningful contribution to the deal."

Cam Love, 2016 Summer Student, 2017/2018 Articled Student, Current Associate

Paulina Adamson

"The Firm devotes significant resources to make the students feel supported, welcome and part of the team from day one. We were each matched with a mentor who practises in our area of interest; however, every lawyer I worked with became an informal mentor who went out of their way to ensure I was learning the most I could from each file I was a part of. I was invited to client meetings because the partner on the file thought it was be a great learning experience for me – and it was. I left the summer feeling as though everyone at Blakes was invested in my education and success."

Paulina Adamson, 2016 Summer Student, 2017/2018 Articled Student, Current Associate

Clémentine Sallée

“From being a summer student to becoming Partner, working at Blakes has been an enriching experience both from a professional and personal standpoint. It is a firm where you are encouraged to take on responsibilities early on in your career, to think critically and to grow as a lawyer while being given the opportunity to work with very talented and highly qualified lawyers from across (and outside) Canada on local, national and international projects. This is also a firm which promotes lawyers’ involvement in varied pro bono endeavors (from participation in board of directors of cultural organizations to fellowships in human rights NGOs), which to me, should be a component to every lawyer’s career.”

Clémentine Sallée articled and became a Partner with the Firm

Chanelle Desrosiers-Stewart

“At Blakes, students are part of the team from day one. As of my first summer, I was entrusted with interesting and challenging mandates and was even asked to work on secondment with one of the Firm’s institutional clients, where I took the lead on a number of projects in various practice areas. Throughout my stage, I was continually impressed with the level of responsibility and diversity of my mandates and appreciated the lawyers’ care in extensively involving me on files. The support provided by both Associates and Partners was unparalleled and revealed the extent to which they care about and invest in students’ professional development. The experience I gained was invaluable and has allowed me to feel both confident and excited to begin my career with Blakes.”

Chanelle Desrosiers-Stewart, 2015 Summer Law Student and 2016 Articling Student

Emily Hazlett

“Blakes provides students with a supportive environment in which they are encouraged to participate fully in all areas of the Firm’s practice from day one. As a summer student at Blakes, I was immediately given the opportunity to work directly with one of the firm’s clients. During my litigation rotations as an articling student, I gained invaluable advocacy skills by arguing contested motions, attending examinations, handling small claims files, dealing with clients and attending Court of Appeal proceedings. The challenging mandates are made possible by the Firm’s open-door culture and commitment to student mentoring. During my time as a student I received invaluable guidance from coaches committed to helping students succeed. I am grateful to have had such invaluable support and dedicated mentorship throughout the early stages of my career. ”

Emily Hazlett, 2016 Articling Student