From day one I could tell that I was entering a very supportive and inclusive environment amongst the other students, fostered by Blakes’ extremely welcoming lawyers. This overwhelmingly positive social dynamic, coupled with the opportunity to contribute meaningfully on a number of important and interesting projects, made for an ideal summer experience.

Theo Milosevic, 2017 Summer Student

Blakes’ summer program strikes the perfect balance between a truly supportive atmosphere and a culture of excellence. As a summer student, I was able to work on substantive legal matters, learnt from some of the industry’s best minds, and received invaluable mentorship from members of the firm who were truly invested in my success.

Shahrouz Hafez, 2017 Summer Student

Blakes provides each student with richly substantive work, genuine mentorship, and engaging social events.  From attending court appearances and mediation hearings, to making meaningful contributions to interesting files, the summer program has afforded me countless opportunities to foster a strong foundational skill set.

Jen Crawford, 2017 Summer Student

I cannot speak highly enough about how welcoming and inclusive I found the firm’s atmosphere to be. It was evident that Blakes’ open-door policy and tradition of mentorship is deeply entrenched within the firm’s culture, as every lawyer I encountered was willing to invest time into helping me succeed.

Gabrielle Wright, 2017 Summer Student

As students at Blakes, we are given interesting and meaningful responsibilities that allow us to develop our legal skillset while contributing to the firm. With caring and considerate mentors and a student program that focuses on fostering personal and professional growth, I truly feel that I have gotten the most out of this summer.

Charlotte Knutson, 2017 Summer Student