Lindsay Stitt

“One of the best parts about working at Blakes is the mentorship. As a student, I work with lawyers who challenge me but also take the time to teach me and help me succeed. Blakes lawyers genuinely value and use the work that students do, so students are truly contributing to the legal team.”

Lindsay Stitt, 2018 Summer Student, Osgoode Hall Law School

Sukaina Afzal

“As a Blakes summer student, I have had rich learning opportunities, fostered authentic connections, and felt valued for my contributions. The encouragement and support that I have received, while exploring my legal interests and developing my legal skillset, has demonstrated to me that Blakes lawyers are deeply committed to long-term student success.”

Sukaina Afzal, 2018 Summer Student, Western University

Joshua Favel

“My experience at Blakes was defined by engaging work and incredible mentorship. The lawyers I worked with took care to explain how my assignments would impact the client and to answer all of my questions. The Firm’s open, supportive culture and focus on student development made for an enriching and enjoyable summer.”

Josh Favel, 2018 Summer Student, University of Toronto

Julia Tory

“Blakes summer program provides each student with meaningful mentorship and substantive work within a culture of excellence. All the lawyers I have worked with are genuinely invested in my professional development. The opportunity to make meaningful contributions to interesting files, coupled with genuine mentorship and an incredibly supportive environment, create the ideal summer experience."

Julia Tory, 2018 Summer Student, University of Toronto

Sayjon Ariyarathnam

“Blakes summer program provides an incredibly supportive work environment with a culture of mentorship that fosters learning. My summer experience has provided a solid foundation and the perfect platform to embark on my legal career.”

Sayjon Ariyarathnam, 2018 Summer Student, Osgoode Hall Law School