Blakes serves a diverse national and international client base through its integrated network of 11 offices worldwide. This structure means Blakes lawyers contribute to matters both nationally and internationally. For an overview of some of the Firm’s most recent work, please click here.


“Blakes offers students a unique environment where we are encouraged not only to work well, but also to play well together. As a result, every day at work is different: we are constantly exposed to diverse areas of the law and asked to try and explore new and different things. All students work closely together, with one always willing to provide another with insight or assistance when necessary. Additionally, the Firm organizes several student events that encourage us to take part in fun and exciting activities as a group. The experiences have brought us closer: working together has made us want to spend more time together, and spending time together has made us eager to work together. Blakes provides us with tools to become skilled lawyers in an environment that encourages us to have fun and be ourselves, while building quality relationships with other members of our team.”

Andrew Krolides, 2016 Summer Law Student

“Blakes provides students with a supportive environment in which they are encouraged to participate fully in all areas of the Firm’s practice from day one. As a summer student at Blakes, I was immediately given the opportunity to work directly with one of the firm’s clients. During my litigation rotations as an articling student, I gained invaluable advocacy skills by arguing contested motions, attending examinations, handling small claims files, dealing with clients and attending Court of Appeal proceedings. The challenging mandates are made possible by the Firm’s open-door culture and commitment to student mentoring. During my time as a student I received invaluable guidance from coaches committed to helping students succeed. I am grateful to have had such invaluable support and dedicated mentorship throughout the early stages of my career. ”

Emily Hazlett, 2016 Articling Student

“At Blakes, students are part of the team from day one. As of my first summer, I was entrusted with interesting and challenging mandates and was even asked to work on secondment with one of the Firm’s institutional clients, where I took the lead on a number of projects in various practice areas. Throughout my stage, I was continually impressed with the level of responsibility and diversity of my mandates and appreciated the lawyers’ care in extensively involving me on files. The support provided by both Associates and Partners was unparalleled and revealed the extent to which they care about and invest in students’ professional development. The experience I gained was invaluable and has allowed me to feel both confident and excited to begin my career with Blakes.”

Chanelle Desrosiers-Stewart, 2015 Summer Law Student and 2016 Articling Student

“In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to complete a secondment at Essilor, a French multinational corporation and world leader in corrective lenses. During my time there, I worked on very interesting and complex legal mandates. These were challenging, but I was able to excel in the role knowing that I had an incredible amount of support and resources behind me at Blakes. My secondment allowed me to develop as a young professional, but more importantly, to meet and develop relationships with inspiring co-workers. Furthermore, I am certain that experiencing the daily realities of our clients will be invaluable as I progress in my career. I would highly recommend this fantastic opportunity to anyone who has the chance to jump on it!”

Mathieu Nolin, 2016 Articling Student

“From being a summer student to becoming Partner, working at Blakes has been an enriching experience both from a professional and personal standpoint. It is a firm where you are encouraged to take on responsibilities early on in your career, to think critically and to grow as a lawyer while being given the opportunity to work with very talented and highly qualified lawyers from across (and outside) Canada on local, national and international projects. This is also a firm which promotes lawyers’ involvement in varied pro bono endeavors (from participation in board of directors of cultural organizations to fellowships in human rights NGOs), which to me, should be a component to every lawyer’s career.”

Clémentine Sallée articled and became a Partner with the Firm