Calgary Student Committee

Our Student Committee is comprised of lawyers at the Firm who are involved in creating and developing a comprehensive professional development program, planning and executing social events, and fostering a culture of learning. The Student Committee also acts as a resource for students if they have any concerns or issues.

The Student Committee is responsible for recruitment, development and evaluation of all students hired in the Calgary office.

Below is a list of the Student Committee members and their contact information:

2019-2020 Articling Students

Blakes is pleased to announce that the following 2019/2020 Articling Students joined the Firm in June and August 2019; Two students will be joining the Firm after their clerkship in Spring 2020.

Emily Amirkhani University of Victoria
Riley Bender University of Calgary
Erik Fleming University of British Columbia
Matthew Hammer University of Calgary
Cory Kapeller University of Saskatchewan
Alexandra MacKenzie University of Alberta
Sydney McLauchlan Queen’s Belfast
Janna Newman University of Saskatchewan
Derrick Osborne University of Alberta
Elly Pearson University of Alberta
Victoria Schmidt University of Calgary
Kayla Ueland University of Calgary
Daphne Wang University of Calgary
Rachel Wollenberg University of Victoria

2020 Summer Students

Blakes is pleased to announce that the following 2020 Summer Students will be joining the Firm in May 2020:

Luke Bendkowski University of Manitoba
Branden Cave University of Toronto
Madeleine Chauvet University of Saskatchewan
Victoria Chiu University of Alberta
Mitchell Folk University of Calgary
Jordan Handel University of Saskatchewan
Ryley Harrigan University of Calgary
Peter Howorun University of Calgary
Jae Jang Osgoode Hall
Chris Kim University of Saskatchewan
Saeid Rafieian Koupaei University of Calgary
Sherry Rath University of British Columbia
Kirsten Roggeveen University of Toronto
Jacob Roth University of Alberta
Casey Stiemer Dalhousie University
Carly Williams Queen’s University

2020-2021 Articling Students

Blakes is pleased to announce that the following 2020/2021 Articling Students will be joining the Firm in June and August 2020:

Austin Beck University of Calgary
Cass Bruni University of Calgary
Rebecca Burnand University of Saskatchewan
Mackenzie Command University of Leicester
Kailey Huble University of Alberta
Fauziya Issa University of Victoria
Abbey Kind University of Calgary
Bryan Li Queen’s University
Spencer Loughlin University of Calgary
Jessica Pushka University of Manitoba
Olivia Salkeld University of Calgary
Matthew Santillo University of Calgary
Stephanie Symonds University of Victoria

2021-2022 Articling Students

Blakes is pleased to announce that the following 2021/2022 Articling Students will be joining the Firm in 2021:

Andrea Djurkovic University of British Columbia
Jessica MacKinnon University of Calgary
Cole Ollis University of Calgary
Karen Rooney University of Saskatchewan
Alexa Rudakoff University of Toronto
Palmer Scott University of Calgary
Connor Vaandering University of Alberta
Jessica Zhang Osgoode Hall