Emilie Cox, 2014 Summer Student - Testimonial

"My experience as a Blakes summer student has been fantastic. The training, breadth and quality of work, and mentorship program created a bridge between what I have learned at law school and what the practice of law looks like in the real world. While the assignments were interesting and challenging, the collegial atmosphere at the Firm meant that I always knew I could ask for help or clarification when I needed it. At the end of the day, the people here make it great, and coming to work is something to look forward to. I’m excited to return as an articling student!"

Emilie Cox, 2014 Summer Student

Laura Dunnigan,

"My articling experience at Blakes far exceeded all my expectations. Not only was I provided with the opportunity to practise in numerous areas of expertise, but I also received the mentorship and support necessary to develop specialized skills in areas of personal interest. What's more important is the team I worked with: partners had open doors, associates were openly willing to listen to and assist with my questions, and the students were truly a team. Blakes has provided me with both an outstanding introduction into the legal profession and platform for my career, as well as friendships that will last a lifetime."

Laura Dunnigan, 2013-2014 Articling Student


"Having talked to previous summer students, I started my summer with high expectations and can honestly say that they were exceeded in every way. From day one I was excited to come in to the office, and the work provided was both challenging and substantive. Not only was I encouraged to seek assignments from the various practice groups, but also the extensive training program and collegial environment ensured that guidance was available when needed. Rounding out the summer experience, students were encouraged to attend the various Firm events which ranged from the highly anticipated Blakes Stampede Roundup to informal gatherings at lunch or after work. Put simply, Blakes provides an amazing summer experience."

Simon Lidster, 2014 Summer Student

de Lobe Lederman, 2014 Summer Student - Testimonial

"My experience as a summer student at Blakes was second to none. From the comprehensive training I received to the complex and engaging files I was involved with, the summer program provided me with a great foundation to begin my legal career. However, it was the people that truly set the Firm apart. Whether I was receiving feedback on an assignment or getting to know someone at one of the many unplanned outings throughout the summer, everyone made me feel like a valued member of the team. Needless to say, I can’t wait to come back for articling."

de Lobe Lederman, 2014 Summer Student