Andrew Goldie

"I started the summer with very high expectations of the summer student program. Not surprisingly, those expectations of the summer experience were far exceeded. The cohesive Blakes team welcomes each student with genuine care and enthusiasm through an exceptionally well developed mentorship program. Organized events such as the annual golf tournament, in tandem with spontaneous informal social gatherings enabled a smooth transition into the firm. As a student, I felt well integrated into the firm and look forward to returning for articling."

Andrew Goldie, 2012 Summer Student, University of Alberta

Steven Marshall

"The summer program at Blakes provided me the opportunity to develop great relationships and produce meaningful work. The training offered in the first few weeks was a great way of bridging the gap between the theoretical learning from school and the applied skills necessary for the practice of law. I feel like the summering program at Blakes has done a great job preparing me for articling and I cannot wait to come back!"

Steven Marshall, 2012 Summer Student, University of Calgary

Tom Wagner

"Blakes Calgary really worked for me because it was a place where professionalism and mentorship were emphasized. My summer experience was invaluable because it exposed me not only to interesting and challenging work, but also what it means to be a true professional, from practice tips to a healthy work/life balance. All the other lawyers take an interest in your success, and it shows."

Tom Wagner, 2012 Summer Student, University of Toronto

Jaye Stewart

"My summer at Blakes is one that I will never forget. In speaking with past summer students I was always told that working at Blakes was an ideal summer position, but I did not understand the extent to which this was true until I experienced it myself. It was special because Blakes was able to offer such a well-rounded program. The countless number of social events coupled with a working environment that was inviting and supportive allowed our group of summers to truly get to know one another as well as the lawyers in the firm. The quality of work that we received in addition to an extensive training program has helped prepare me for the next stage in my legal career."

Jaye Stewart, 2012 Summer Student, University of Calgary


“Articling at Blakes has been a tremendous experience.  Having previously summered at Blakes, it took very little time to transition into articling life.  Blakes creates a very welcoming and collegial environment for students so it was easy to meet and develop relationships with the vast majority of lawyers and staff.  The level of work that I have been exposed to at Blakes is second to none.  Right from the beginning of my articles I was given the opportunity to take on a great deal of responsibility on files and have learned so much as a result. I have also had the privilege of working with a very close-knit and tremendously hardworking group of articling students, which has made this year the experience that it is.  Being able to rely on each other every day has helped us all grow professionally but has also enabled us to foster truly great friendships."

Marcus Ostrowerka, 2012/13 Articling Student, University of Alberta